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The Whole Tooth...

It's gotta go. The X-ray was scary-looking; about 50 abcesses on it; can't be saved, no way. ARSE!
The good news is I don't have to have a denture. If needs be, he reckons it will be OK to have a bridge put in. Actually, it's a shame in a way I don't have to go back there, though. (My usual sleazebag dentist can do the yanking. ) The one I saw today was tall,lanky, grey-haired,twinkle-eyed, with a GSOH and compassionate torture chair-side manner, little pats on the shoulder, etc... I guess that's patronising, really, but at the time, I was glad of the human contact.  Anyhow, it's bad, but not as bad as I'd feared...I do wonder if I hadn't been fucked about for over a year, if it would have been possible to save it... I really kinda doubt it though. It's in a terrible state.

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