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Crazy People...

Not one but two nutters wandering around Clapham Junction shops yesterday, shouting out incoherent  babbles and weird cries. One in LIDL, one in Woolies.
On the bus, I was very nearly overcome by that childish urge you used to get to holler rude words in church...I wanted to start singing 'I Got Rhythm' really loudly, so much that I was getting sweaty...Gawd 'elp me. 
Made it to therapy today, but my back's totally frelled.
I was thinking of my dead friend Chris again ...Actually, I watched the extra-long DVD version of RETURN OF THE KING, and when Gollum does his over-the-shoulder evil smiles, he looks just like Chris used to do, when he'd thought of some mischievous wheeze, and would give me a comical  villainous look as a tip-off. Jeez, I miss that bloke, and it's been years and years...

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