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...More than I'm bloody having. I'm OK. though, sort of middlin'... I found that Boy George book that I'd mislaid, and I've been reading that , eating far too much ice cream, doodling, and re-visiting THE NUN'S STORY, which I remember seeing at school as a 'treat'. I liked the bit with 'the Archangel Gabriel' best, as I recall, and everybody bounced up and down in their seats, not quite daring to cheer, when a saintly nun got her brains bashed out by the fetish man in the Congo. 'Sister Luke'  even escaped in the end and wasn't killed for rejecting her vocation. Everyone agreed it wasn't bad for a 'holy' fillum.
Right now they're doing the Carols from King's, which often draws a sentimental tear from me, but they don't seem to be doing 'The Holly and the Ivy' this year. Fap.

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