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Shearing Day

Had my £7 crop. Had to wait for half an hour while a lot of screaming and bawling went on about a huge back-of-a-lorry TV set that was brought in. The three old geezers then continued hollering about the cricket match that was being shown. The young bloke who usually 'does' me wasn't there, and the older guy was even scarier with the various implements, nearly took my eye out with a brush. As usual, I was an object of some curiosity, and as I was leaving one old boy -'I not mean to get too personal,you know-' asked me if I'd ever considered a nose job. I LIKE my fierce Morrigan beak, although having attention drawn to it makes me cringe with the remembered anguish of schoolyard taunts... I said 'No, I like it.', and he said. 'You right, it a SERIOUS one! Respeck!' I should bloody well think so. Wish I could find a less rowdy place to get a cheap haircut.

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