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Seasonal Spookiness...

Much as I dislike the damp chill of the freezing fog, it's better than heat, at least, and it does have a certain romantic, Sherlock Holmesy frisson, especially on the common...ghostly figures in the mist, etc.
Went to CBT and lied a lot, as usual. Poor B continues to be 'very proud' and thinks I'm nearly cured.What the hell, let her. It certainly hasn't done me any harm, and now I know what it's like.
All the stalls were up on Northcote road, and a lot of yummy mummies were tinkling around buying incredibly expensive goodies. Fap...I see that New Agey shop  there is closing down, which is rather a pity, although their wares were grossly overpriced, too. There are some lovely statues, etc. on sale, but even  25% off isn't nearly enough to allow  me to indulge.
I've heard no more from Citizens' Advice or anyone since I sent in all the paperwork, and now I can rever reach my case worker by phone or email. Shoulda known it was all a bit too easy...

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