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LJ Weirdness/ Slave Required...

In addition to not being able to post any memes, I'm not allowed to link to use LJ usernames. Whenever I do , it says 'wrong user name' (Lie!) and deletes the rest of the entry. Huh...
I really do need a tame geek to be available on demand. I am so pitiful that I was unable to get Helenraven's nifty but redundant DVD player going, and thought it might have been killed when I fell with it ,and knocked a bit off.
When she visited last night and kindly examened it, HR discovered that I hadn't put the power plug on. D'Oh!
So, if  you can do basic DIY and functional  household things, and can do useful tricks with big ol' PCs, I'm looking...I've no money, but I'd be glad to administer a little light CP while you wear your gimp mask, or whatever...
Fiona also brought loads of alcohol and DVDs, so we quaffed,  munched (still rather shocked, by her lack of 'room' for Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia, but there was more for meeeeee...) Watched KISS KISS.BANG BANG, not my usual fare, but it was quite amiable, and Messrs Downey and Kilmer were good.

Just back from sodding launderette. and have to go to R's for coffee. Bugger... I'll be glad when I get there, of course, just vexed at having to venture into  hideous consumer Christmas world.

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