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Jingle Hell...

Out this morning in cold fog, to Sainsbury's, which has recently been  revamped. All they've added seems to be a lot of useless (to me-) clothes and toys (Fap-) and they've put everything else where you can't find it. 
I don't know what I've done to my back and knee, but they're worse than they've ever been. Painkillers don't make a dent in it. AND Amazon isn't despatching my DVD rentals, and it's impossible to find a way to contact them on their 'Help' pages. As for the state of the flat, it  keeps looking more and more squalid. I probably should have just left all the rubbish lying quietly...
Mmm, can't think of anything else to moan about just now. (That must be due to Alzheimer's kicking in...!)

I'll be glad after Thursday, when I don't have to do anything or see anyone until Tuesday. Christmas really is the best time for hermiting...or maybe going for a city break somewhere where they don't have all this frenzy of spending and enforced gaiety going on all month...but even if I had the money, I can't actually imagine where that might be, except in some jungle or desert  climate where heat, predators and objectors to infidels would kill me...


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