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Bus Ride...

Went out with a batch of books to exchange at Notting Hill. The new bus route 452 is great, goes directly to Pembridge Rd via the poshlands of Knightsbridge with all its subtle artyfarty Christmas lights. This route also goes straight past the Albert memorial (Serpentine Gallery-) Battersea Park, the Albert Hall, etc. It's remarkably uncrowded, too. I guess not that many people have realised it's there, yet.

Only got £5.50 for my load, including lots of hardbacks, Bastard. I did manage to bag a couple of books that will make passable poverty presents, and as always, enjoyed sniffing through the cramped stacks loaded with all sorts ...I even got a copy of STURGEON WHITE MOSS 3. I had a loadof old exchange 'money', which paid for half my purchases. Yay.
Now that it's so convenient, I must go to the Exchanges more often.


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