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Ahhh! Abyss Monsters!

Last night's TV visit to the denizens of the deep sea really messed up my mind. Those things ain't right...

In keeping with the mood of weirdness, I've been thinking of HP Lovecraft on and off since that radio programme  last week. This morning on the bus, there was a teenaged girl who looked just like him!  I think she must have had a genetic condition of some sort, and was possibly blind. She was with a worried-looking woman, and kept grinding the palms of her hands into her sunken eyes. Her companion seemed to be trying to calm her down. 
I tried not to watch, but the Lovecraft resemblance was just so amazing...
It's dampcold in here now, I'd like to have the heat on, but gotta wait another hour or so. Still want pizza, too. Brrrr...

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