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Drizzle, Grizzle...

A rather  manky wet & windy type day. Good for finishing off artwork for the LITTLE & LOTS show in Bristol, though. Four crappy wee pictures clip-framed and ready to post in the morning, only a bit late. I rule!
I guess everybody is en route to the MCR by now. Wah! Oh well, maybe I'll have some disposable income next year. Not bloody likely, but I could win the lotto, of course, or get 'discovered' and get a regular newspaper gig, or something. (Haaaaaah, ha ha...but  stranger things have happened at sea-)
Hope the weather isn't too grotty fro the Retreaters. I expect that scary-cow enclosure area could get really boggy in the rain. Of course, rubbish weather  does make it extra-cosy inside, and encourage staying drunk and drawing nonstop. I hope to see many incriminating photos.
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