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Tooth And Claw...

It's an angry old world...THREE altercations on the busses today, and one really painful event with a speed bump. The driver actually apologised, as the screams rang out; said it wasn't marked, etc. but he was driving pretty erratically all the way. The bus hit the bump so hard that people were  flung out of their seats. I was luckily holding on to a pole, but unluckily sitting right over the wheel and it felt BAD. Still have a headache from the jolt.
There was a big swearing match with three spittin', cussin' faredodging hoodies,keeping us stopped for ages, then another bus came up behind, and they ran off to try their luck on that one. The other mini-fights were just the usual, but it's so demoralising... Nowadays (Fap-) there's some kind of ruction every time you ride the bus. I've been a frequent user for several decades, and it never used to be like this.No, really...
I had to go to stinking Streatham again, because I got charged full whack for one of the half-price sketchbooks I bought yesterday. Outside Iceland , there was a knock-down, drag-out tussle between the security guard, and a shoplifting woman. She was robust and furious, but he was a real Sonny Liston type. Down she went, effing and blinding earsplittingly, as "2 for £5"  readymeals burst incriminatingly out of her shopping bag. Poor cow.

Oh, if I had the wings of an angel, etc.


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