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Gotta Burn to Shine (Shame About It...)

Still no decent storms here, just a few showers, and steam. Despite not being quite as hot, the humidity makes it just as uncomfortable. Woe...
ARTSWORLD TV has been reprieved, anyhow, so that makes it a good day. I was really upset about that. Got one of those BORDRELINE cds, so I guess I'll check that out. I never had much luck downloading it.
Ohh, maybe I'll go sit in the bath for a while. That programme about F-M transsexuals should be interesting. Funny, I've always been 'unwholesomely' fascinated by sex changes. I remember seeing something in a magazine when I was a wee child about some tranny, and I thought it was great. I certainly wouldn't fancy it for myself, although it would be really interesting if you could just switch back and forth like Orlando. It would be cool to see what having boy parts feels like. I expect I'd be as much of a munter as a bloke as I am now, of course...A kind of frightening cross between the creepy racetrack commentator John McCrirrick and Tom Baker on a bad day. Another shop closing down at Clapham Junction; that rather handy cheap shoe place. I might buy some sale stuff before they go, except all the 7s are sure to be gone already...

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