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A Pitiful State...

The dental visit did not go well. I need a couple of fillings AND the bad tooth is now getting loose, which means if the hospital doesn't come through quickly, he's just going to have to yank it. He said to ring them. I did, and they have no record of my ever having been there for the original examination. There's currently a whole kerfuffle taking place, but heaven knows what the result will be. I dream feverishly of  dreadful dentures...Oops, I just thought that was the hospital on the phone, but it was a man who speaks little English trying to sell moble phones. Guh...
Tomorrow I go to the doctor with my horribly hurty and hideous legs; gonna end up a gummy  amputee... *whimper*
What ever happened to Vanilla Diet Coke? And why can you only get Pepsi Max Cino at one supermarket around here?  What a world...

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