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Senior Moments...

I was so poleaxed yesterday that  I actually fell asleep during PETE BURNS' COSMETIC SURGERY NIGHTMARES. Crikey! At least I revived in time for THE SOPRANOS, but then, I shuffled off to my pit without locking the front door!  Coulda been murthered in my bed, etc.
Another gorgeous proper autumn day, today. Such a welcome change; I feel almost human.I must try to be 'good' and get some work done, including novel and horrible budget brainache lists for CAB.
A tip o' the cowl to Cernunnos for Wotan's latest tests. The thyroid's a bit high, due to the recent problems dosing him, but not scarily so, and he's lost very little weight. His liver and kidneys are in 'excellent' shape for an old 'un, and apart from the murmur, his heart's pretty good.


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