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Just Another Diamond Day...

God, I'm tired. Usual boringness of CBT... B the therapist seemed very pleased at how 'well'  I'm doing...Yeh, OK. I am rather pleased with myself at survivng all the gruesome stresses I've had this week. It may seem silly, but this CAB business is utterly horrific to me. Whew. I think I'll have a nice rest tomorrow, and fool around with my novel. I was so exhausted today that I couldn't get on the cycles at Streathem. Jeezus. Thank the gods the place was deserted.
South London really is full of strangeness. When I get the G1 bus, which takes a weird, back-street route, it stops ouside St George's hospital, where there's a strange little 'park' with an old arch, a lion and unicorn, etc, from the old building, I guess...Then, off to one side is an Elizabeth Frinkish bald nude, flinging up his arms and evidently howling at the heavens. ('The NHS Patient'?) Not terribly reassuring. 
Saw a good, crazy -Xtian- serial killer -in the boonies epic last night, FRAILTY...Proper good film, not just a slasher.
Oh boy, it feels  so good to wind down a bit...

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