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I schlepped to the launderette this morning, and lo, in the  Sainsbury's Local  nearby, I scored an Olive Oval loaf of extremely posh LaBrea bread that usually costs about £2.99,  for 49 pee. It still seems quite fresh and squishy and very, very tasty indeed. I suppose it rolled on the floor and got stepped on, or something, but hey, what a bargain, if you don't think about it! 
Also purchased the Radio Times. One of next week's films is the jaw-dropping SHOWGIRLS. Anyone who hasn't seen it and needs a really good laugh, take note. It's one of the dumbest films in the world, ever. The Boosh are on TV tonight, as well, at ten, the Secret Policeman's Ball thingie. I think by then, I'm going to be in great need of a chortle or two myself...
Went with R and the seriously poorly rabbit, to the vet, and all seems OK , but we won't get the blood results until Friday, probavly. Fingers crossed...

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