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My Citizens Advice Hell...

Gruesome, utterly vile. Nearly two hours queueing in the street, next to an alley pilled high with foetid bin bags. I was the only Anglophone there, and everyone seemed to be freaking out in tongues. Got indoors at last, waited another hour or so, and then spent  90 minutes with a woman who gave me a 'debt pack' and made me an appointment to go to bloody MITCHAM on Wednesday, because 'we don't have real debt management  advisors here'...(Well, it says they do on the internet-) I was just pleased to get out alive. I feel dreadful, now, like I'm getting a cold, and Ohhhhh, just bad. 
Looks like a great week, Wotan to the vet tomorrow, Mitcham Wednesday, bloody therapy Thursday-


Also forgot to change the TV clock, and only got the beginning of TORCHWOOD, so have to wait for the repeat again... I'm still longing for a takeaway, but musn't...Can't afford, unhealthy, etc.


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