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Fall Back...

Despite the extra hour of sleep, I conked out again listening to the bloody ARCHERS.(Ruth! Ohhhh NOoah!)  and missed DESERT ISLAND DISKS. Fapping pitiful. 
I'm a bit stressed about Wotan. He's just not very interested in eating, and I'm wasting huge amounts of costly food and meds trying to tempt him. He only wants dry food, it seems. He's not had a fit, but he's started that walking around caterwauling that he used to do... He's due to go for his checkup this week, anyway.
Tomorrow I really have to get up early and get to (groan...) Streatham again, to queue for the CAB. Heaven help me, puh-lease
I just lost another Ebay rapidoliner, blast it. I'm trying to stock up on them.
I'm very hungry, and don't have any appetising food. I want a curry, or maybe a nice Chinese (dribble...)
Norman Treigle is nagging me from beyond. He had a cameo in my dream last night. I just wish I'd been able to glean some more concrete material on him. He really seems to want  to appear in a comic...
The other day I idly googled some old boyfriends. I ended up with a huge full-colour headshot of the first boy I ever suffered obsessively over. He now looks like a a pruned-up, boss-eyed  old Native American  (He always was a tanning addict...)  He was naturally quite dark, and I used to think of him as a sort of Heatchcliffe figure. Jeezus... We are all Time's crumbly fools.

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