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CBT and Smelly Gym...

My God, the gym in Streatham is gross; makes even the Clapham one look clean and cheerful. And who should I walk into but  'Ainsley'? I guess the trainer types go around the different branches for classes and stuff...
I had my CBT at  bloody 9:45 this morning. I really don't know how I got there. I was afraid I was going to just fall asleep in the middle of the dreariness of it. I think the poor therapist hadn't had time for breakfast, either, as both our stomachs were grinding and growling spectacularly. Oy...
Then I went to LIDL, but I was already too late for the paint boards I wanted. They had rolls of canvas for 3.99 and 4.99, though, which is pretty good if you use canvas. Ohhh, I'm weary now.

And a superhappy birthday to the multitalented charlottecooper     ...Not to mention best of luck on the terrifying Turbine Hall slides of Death. Yer a better man than I am!

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