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Hermiting, BAC...

Feeling particularly  afraid of the world the last few days. I'd wanted to take in the Small Press thing in Bloomsbury, but doubt if I'm up to it.
I didn't get up until bloody 8 this morning, then conked out again, at about 11. Shameful... I did manage to shuffle down to Battersea Arts Centre to say G'day to

crunchcandy    I was annoyed to see that the crafts fair wasn't  advertised or properly signposted. It was also held in the dinky room out back,instead of the nice, right- on -the  pavement foyer. Bah. [info]dansette   was there, too, and quite a few purveyors of lovely crafty items,  especially jewellery, that I would have liked to purchase, but had to be  content with browsing and feeling guilty and embarassed at  all the hopeful  little seller faces sitting there. *Sigh*  I'm glad I managed to kick myself there, though, and finally made the  corporeal acquaintance of the admirable Milla.  

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