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Hsss! Spit!....

Have just attempted for the zillionth time to try and arrange a meeting for me and a social worker about trying to extend my loan at payments I can manage (like for another 30 years or so...)  It's this constant  being passed from one call centre captive drone  to another, being told I'd be phoned back 'definitely today'  on  so many days, actually finding a number for my own branch, to try and arrange a face-to-face with someone and being told by the someone, who insisted he was the manager, that I HAD to go through the 'Debt Recovery Unit'...Back to them,  to be told the only way to sort it out was to give the details to the Citizens Advice Bureau, who take it up with them. Ahhhhh......
It's no joke, when you consider that  'vulnerable' people have been  driven to top themselves over nonsense like this, not to mention the many others whose conditions are 'just' made that little bit more unpleasant by having to go through all this madness, so many times. Fuckin'  Ada! 
Weird day, all told; horribly murky and  quiet , even the roadworks noise is muffled by the heavy atmosphere.
What is it about Kosher sweeties?  Stuff like BLOOMY'S, especially the Jelly Beans and  Fish...They seem to taste so much better than any others.
Oops, I think that's Gillian McKeith scratching at the door...
Wonder who those wonderfully entertaining TV shows TUTTI FRUTTI and ROCK FOLLIES have never been repeated?  Watching that RobbieCoktrane interview on SOUTH BANK SHOW last night reminded me of what a pleasure they were.
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