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Steamy Sunday...

Feels like the feckin' Everglades again. Fiddle-de-dee.
Watched AFTERLIFE again, last night. It's really nicely done, and David Threlfall was extremely supercreepy as a psychokiller. Wouldn't be surprised to encounter him in one of my less salubrious dreams.
The thing that really fascinates me, and it seems I'm not alone, from some of the crits I've seen- Is the extraordinary hideousness of the heroine's house. Is there some reason for this? I haven't actually watched it religiously, but I think she may be supposed to be skint, too. I don't see how anyone who could possibly manage a bit of basic redecoration could  voluntarily live in that place. I mean, the poor woman obviously has enough to contend with, what with the gory dead people and stuff, all the time.
I was also impressed this week with Stephen Fry's two-parter about being a loon. I could really relate to a lot of it, although I would  much prefer being fucked up in Carrie Fisher's boho palace or Robbie William's hanging gardens of Babylon setup. I think even people who aren't interested in mental illness would find ths one interesting, and suggest everyone check out part two.
Sadly, Gillian McKeith is back. I only submitted myself to a few minutes, but she was browbeating a 'Turkish toyboy' and his 'whale of a wife' (!!!) about their alcohol and junkfood sins. The camply snide voiceover is now completely out of control, and McKeith did the ritual make-'em cry torture by taking the 'whale' into the back yard, where a gravestone supposedly made of chocolate had been erected. 'It says RIP... Death by Chocolate, Waynetta...It's for YOU! Soon!'   Ya couldn't make it up. Ohhhhyah!

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