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The War Against Obesity...

Woke up this morning to hear the radio still boring on about denying 'seriously obese' women the opportunity of IVF. Then, they announced an upcoming Government action involving serious War Against Obesity. It really is getting worse all the time; not just me, etc. Don't wanna be culled...,,1861510,00.html

And furthermore: I do feel sad for the poor woman whose daughter died 'orrible. Personally, I find even mild,spanky-type S&M majorly turnoffy. I don't hold with child and animal sex, or doing rude things to corpses, and think these things are best not done by anyone.
I *also* object to censorship, and I don't believe that just seeing some extreme porn is going to make anyone who wasn't already going to do Something Dreadful anyway, go out and do it.
All this banning, and shoving the ever-thickening censorship wedge is no good.
I'm not gonna go on because everyone else is, and I don't have anything special to add, just Me No Like.

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