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Magic Movies...

There are several films I've seen frequently, since childhood, and which never fail to delight, move, and take me right outa myself. They include the 'real' KING KONG(Cooper) 'real' SCROOGE (Alistair Sim) and perhaps most enchantingly, the 'real' (Korda)THIEF OF BAGHDAD, complete with splendid score, erotic-dreamy mise en scene, and ubercreep Conrad Veidt (with whom I share a birthday-)whippin' it up as the wicked wazir.Fantabulous.It's doing a stint on Film Four at the moment.

I went seeking rapidoliner refills hopelessly (waaaah...), and then to the NPG, where this year's Portrait Awards were duller than ever. There were only three that spoke to me at all;Grace O'Connor's MY FATHER PRAYING, Sefton Taylor's STRANGE CARGO and the group portrait of firefighters by Sergio Ostroverhy. None of these, of course won anything, or were even available as postcards.

Much more interesting was the little show downstairs with works by peopople who work at the gallery. Outstanding for me, was a hilarious sketchbook by one Ian Gardner. I think I love heem; I want to marryhim...
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