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Haven't posted for a day or so. Nothing to post about, really.
Got a Classics Illustrated MACBETH that I remember from pre-school days for 99p on Ebay.Ha!
My sister emailed some of the horrors she's enduring. More craziness,hours and hours trying to sort out the mammy's bills, etc. that she's been neglecting for God knows how long,and dealing with her incontinence, weirdness and senile spite. Frenzies of guilt and helplessness this end, of course...
I have a sort of audition/interview for something that could be profitable, tomorrow. Although I've no chance, it might be interesting, just to see what's in the offing. Don't want to go into detail yet, for fear of jinxing it.
So farewell then BIG BROTHER, until next time. I expect I'll have to invest in the HEAT souvenir edition, as usual...
What will be my new trash obsession?

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