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Off The Hook...

Well, therapy does work a bit. I was feeling really punk this morning, due to well, everything, when I got a letter from my 'Cognitive Behaviour Therapist in Training, Bebopalula Okeydoke' saying that she had to cancel, and due to unforseen circumstances would be away until mid-September. I hadn't been aware of dreading going that much, but I've felt ridiculously cheerful and energetic ever since!
Haven't been to gym (bad,bad,bad-) but went to REBELS & MARTYRS at the NG yesterday (not bad-) Had to pay bloody £7.00, which is UNFAIR, and really far too much for anyone, let alone somebody on benefits. It was pretty interesting, though, and not all that crowded, although there were the usual loud old posh gits who stand talking bollocks in front of the exhibits for hours.
My favourite was the SATIRE ON ROMANTIC SUICIDE by Leonardo Alenza, with a scrawny, Quixote-like artist preparing to simultaneously stab himself and dive off a cliff. Other aesthetic desperadoes lie dead below.

Courbet's DESPERATE MAN is really neat, and Jacek Malczewski's INSPIRATION OF THE ARTIST is interestingly weird.
Intriguing developments in Hurley's history on LOST. I was annoyed, that due to his blooming romance, he destroyed his stash of peanut butter, etc. from The Hatch. Apart from anything else, he should have just returned it to the common store, on an island full of castaways, non? In any event, a huge shipment of strangely packaged munchies appeared almost immediately for the carb-starved masses.There were some other interesting hints/red herrings, too.

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