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Stretch, Yawn, Collapse...

Oy vey.Didn't get up until after 7:30 this morning. I have resolved to stay in and do a lot of paperwork, drwing, etc...which is what I intend to do every day. Oh well, must keep trying AND I must get back to the gym next week, even if it's only twice. I'm a feckin' disgrace.
Suerduper BIG BROTHER eviction/readmission (hopefully of lovestruck screaming, gurning Nikki-) tonight. People might vote Grace back in, though, so she and Aisleyne can bitchfight in their bikinis.And puh-LEEZE can Imogen finally get dumped tonight? If Bitchy Richie goes, I shall be annoyed.
Rude thought: I wouldn't want to be in the neighbouring flat if Nikki and Pete finally do cement their union. Imagine all the Touretty squawks and barks combined with Nikki's powerful extended shriekings and their shared hyperactive boundings. A bit frightening, really.
Oh boy, I'm really gagging for caffeine today, I've already had two bucket-sized mugs o' java, and I generally only allow myself one.I guess I need to get myself wired enough to do some stuff. I'd considered going to the National Gallery, as I need to see that Images of Artists show before it closes. If I went, though, I knew I'd just doss around when I got back and watch that film I taped about the Vietnamese soldiers and the ghosts, instead of being productive. Hope I don't just end up doing that anyway!

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