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Hey Bopareee Bop...

Just rolling along boringly; can't even be bothered solipcising much at the moment.
Still a bit grumpy that the weather for CAPTION couldn't have been more like today's...but of course, I had no money to get there anyway, so Fap. I obviously missed out on a really good one.
Extremely tedious CBT session. We're into the list making and pretending negative thoughts aren't based on reality. Eh...I'll go along with it. It might help me get my 'finances' a little less horrifically SNAFUed, if nothing else. B seems a nice enough lady, and laughs at my Eeyoreish gibberings, anyway.
BIG BROTHER is into the stretch, now, with loads of twists and turns. Totally mesmeric. Pete & Nikki romance is sweet, but I think she could destroy him...or they could be each other's salvation?
In 'reality', it's bizare how little the supposed threat of carnage on a colossal scale averted by our boys in blue MI5 or whatever, means to me. I don't really believe it, like it's probably some-er- BIG BROTHER ruse to re-ignite the public's appetite for 'War Against Terror', while distracting us from the daily dead Lebanese babies horrorshow.

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