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I have stumbled upon a magnificent resource for Catholic kids of the olden days. I really used to look forward to getting TREASURE CHEST  at school.. It's incredible how certain stories, even panels, have remained vividly in my mind...Sickly saint boy Dominic Savio fleeing from temptation  (perspective!) with "Death rather than sin!" in his thought bubble...Maria Goretti's killer getting himself worked up by reading 'bad magazines', whatever they were... James Audubon in his studio with a dead eagle hanging from the ceiling, musing that he really had to work from life. I was also deeply impressed by a little feature on Our Lady of Knock, because the artwork was so basic, I figured,' Wow, even I should be able to to that by the time I grow up, and I'll be a real artist!'
 I can't exaggerate the pleasure it's given me to see all this old crap. My favourite artist was Lloyd Ostendorf, and I aspired to his 'greatness'.

Still bloody sultry. At least the sun has gone in. Wandsworth road is shut, with all sorts of  builder stuff set up. I think hey're going to set up a pelican crossing. The zebra one is gone.
Looking forward to the CAPTION scuttlebutt. Wish I could've gone... I resolved last year that I was going to save up so that I could go by train, maybe stay over and do both days...and what about that comic I was going to have ready? Fap!
Oh well, I've done some drawing, anyway.
Had a weird and spooky experence last night. I smelled my father! As a kid, when I'd go into the bathroom after he'd bathed, it was all steamy and reeking of Old Spice, and some other 'product'  I could never quite identify. I really got a bit scared, thinking it might be his ever-angry spirit come to kill me, or something. Actually, I suppose having to 'resurrect' him for the therapist the other day probably brought it on.

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