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Poached & Perishin'...

Christ, it feels even hotter than yesterday. I've got an 'opportunity' to go to this residents' meeting at Town Hall, Brixton Friday night. What a bore-thank God for VCRs.It lasts about 2 hours, plus the to-ing and fro-ing ..The good thing is that they pay your fares, provide coffee,munchies, and (wait for it...) £20 cash!. I'd be doin' the happy dance, if I could stir from my Jabba-like immobility. (Will probably be mugged on the way home...)
I used to think that I'd go on BIG BROTHER if I got a chance, but the current series has put me off. I'd wondered if someone a bit out of the usual mould might stand a chance to cop the lolly, but I've seen what happened to Sandy, who was reasonably like me in age and personality.I'd also fancied being the first fat housemate, but the ill-fated Alison beat me to it.
Now Alex is flipping again; wanting to leave, etc, when the thing's nearly over, and he's actually got a reasonable chance of winning. ( I suppose Jonny's the favourite, though- strikingly similar to first winner Craig in his 'goodnatured' boorishness.) Another thing I've noticed, is there's much less nudity this year. The girls seem to bathe in their bikinis, and you seldom even see a bumcheek; certainly no willies, to my knowledge.

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