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A Soothing Breeze...

Still far too warm and humid for my comfort, but yes, it's a lot better than it was. Now for some reason I'm wheezing and hacking like mad, sneezing furiously enough to frighten passers by, and my eyes are well itchy. Something to do with the dessicated dusty mini-bits blowing about I suppose...
Somehow doubt if I'll make it to CAPTION. The coach business in the heat is sooo gruelling. It does look like a particularly good one, though. Must post off my sketchbook for the auction.
BIG BROTHER heavy, as usual. I was going to do a BB remix strip, but I guess I'm already too late. Oh, feebdom...
Insane folly of Friday's double eviction, speaking of BB It was Spiral and Michael who went. Imogen and Susie remain.I can only assume it's because men like to look at them in bikinis, because both are complete blanks, except the older Susie has a certain weirdness in her Stepford primness. Her fake tits are quite peculiar, too. They seem to be about a foot apart.
My pick for Final Four: Pete,Glyn, possibly Richard, after the heartstring-tweaking business about his mum's chemo,and bloody Imogen or Mikey.

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