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'Orribler And 'Orribler...

It's quite hot. Don't you think it's hot, though? Ever so sultry, innit?
Excellent opportunity for BIG BROTHER to lose some deadwood this week. The housemates have been paired off for a double eviction and one of the pairs is Susie and Imogen. Result! I can see the losers being Spiral and Michael, though. This would be wrong, because Spiral is obviously quite fucked up and has a hairtrigger temper. Michael is, I think, much weirder that he presents at first, and might also go interestingly tonto.
If I were not profoundly dysfunctional, of course, I would not be remotely interested in this rubbish...
Very interesting little programme about Steve Bell on BBC 4 last night. You got to see him drawing quite a bit, which is always good. He uses manky old 'school' pencils...He is one helluva sexy bear, too. I've always fancied him.(Blush. Titter. Squee.)

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