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It Just Goes On...

I fully intended to make an effort and go to the beano at Jane's yesterday, somehow, but I couldn't bloody shift myself, even though it got a bit less oppressive for a while. Apologies. I am feeble, and have 'party' phobia at the best o' times. If more than three-four people are gathered together,I tend to curl up and roll into a corner.Meh. Hope it was good for all concerned.
I've also wimped out of taking Wotan to the rich-folks'cats' neurologist. If a three-bus journey at rush hour, being stressfullly bunged into a carrier and the heat wave didn't just finish off Wotan, it would sure as hell finish off me...I also remain conflicted about the whole thing. I just kinda feel it in me water that it's pointless and would quite possibly do more harm than good. We'll see how it goes...
I see that free FILM FOUR now has 'commercial' breaks. Oh well, I'm delighted to have it again. I'd seen the fillums they had on last night.Ben Kingsley's character,, in some scenes of SEXY BEAST, reminds me so much of my poor mother it's hair-raising.I re-watched a bit of LOST IN TRANSLATION too, and still don't think it's all that fantastic.So there.
Bad news about Dreamspace coming loose and killing people. Shit.I always wanted to check it out, but never had any money when it was anywhere around here.That must have been one devil of a 'freak gust of wind', or there was serious negligence going on.

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