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Still pretty scorchio, and CLOSE. At least there's a little breeze. The leak in the road is still oozing, and there's a scrawled sign in the deserted concierge lodge, saying something I don't understand about the water possibly being turned off, and not to waste any...
Absurd preoccupation of the day: Susie BB...What is her thing? She's 42. prides herself on her strange Hyacinth Bucket 'refinement', high standards of hygiene, and is married to an indulgent rich eejit. (He bought six crates of KitKats, and when that failed, bought a golden ticket off EBAY, for £4000, just to get her a chance to get in.) WHY?
Something was said about her wanting a career as a TV presenter, but surely in her position, she could buy herself a job in some less strenuous fashion...Also, why would someone so prim and prissy go and have those seaside postcard bazooms stuck on?
Can't figure her...

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