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Frelled In The Burning Fiery Furnace...

...of London at its most obnoxious. Brain no work; can't function at all, and I don't function much at the best of times these days. Oy!
I did make it to ASDA, and R Next Door is doing a run in her car later, to get discounted animal things from LIDL, so I didn't have to go there, although I always think might be missing some fascinatingly weird 'special' if I don't. I had to pick up meds from the vet, though; yet another £35 on the credit card...(hollow laughter)
Got a very waspish email from the sibling, who professes horror that I'm even considering the pricey consultation with the cat neurologist, much less the scan, etc. It would be obscene,like operating on a centenarian's brain, etc...Well, that's partly what I think, too, but on the other hand, it seems an increasing number of cats make it to 23-25 these days, with a decent quality of life. If possible, I'd want that for Wotan. Jeezus, I dunno what to do...
There's been a burst pipe or something wastefully pumping water into the gutter for at least the past four days. Good Ol'Thames Water.
Oops, another tsunami, the radio just said, not to mention the end of the Amazon Rain Forest in this century...but probably we won't have to worry about that one, as Armageddon in the 'Holy Land' seems to be at hand. Jeez Louise...

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