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Oh the Weirdness...

I find myself in the curious situation of being required to comfort a lovelorn male friend, who I fancied for many years (although not now... Isn't it rich?). He's adored this girl for over 20 years,(It's true...) showering her with imacs, holidays, etc, yet she would never even 'do it' with him, and insisted on being 'just friends'. Now everyone but him knew she must have an actual boyfriend stashed away somewhere. She had several, it turns out, but he always kept hoping. Recently she confessed, when he queried her going on holiday with yet another 'cousin', that she's been with this other friend of theirs for some years, but they couldn't bear to tell him, because of all the other problems and tragedy he's had in his life recently. Now he's 'lost all meaning' to his life, etc.,but says he's still going to leave her everything (considerable-) that he has.( She's much younger, doesn't need it, and will probably be so freaked out she just gives it all to the dogs' home...) Fuckin' Ada...He never knew I 'cared', of course, and has always regarded me as just a mate. He likes the pert gymslip cuties, who do NOT find him remotely attractive
What fools these mortals be. AND it's feckin' hot!

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