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Fresh Hell...

Today is even worse, and much weirder. We're spared the strong sunlight but the humidity is soaring to the 'flatoutcat on the lino'  region, and the atmosphere is distinctly uncanny. The sky is a very peculiar colour, almost greenish at times. We still haven't had any rain here; must be the only place in town that hasn't yet been drenched.
When I do sleep, though, I'm having curious dreams, which is always good.
Last night I was asked to go for a drink by the very strange long-dead basso Norman Treigle and his wife. He was a big star in New York when I was young. I was obsessed with him, and opera freaks still  blather about his uniquely riveting spookiness. He died young in peculiar circumstances. I've sometimes wondered if he had a Faustian pact of some sort. 
Anyway, there's a biography of him out now, and I've been thinking of doing a strip. The dream was very vivid and he was extremely friendly to me in it,  so maybe he approves...
These poor quality excerpts convey little of the wall-rattling hugeness of his sometimes unbeautiful but always distinctive voice, unfortunately, and as a singing actor, his manic intensity came over in the auditorium as powerful, not hammy. I still remember being scared half under the seat by his Mefistofele, 40-odd years later...


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