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Bizarre TV Things...

My life, of course, is so circumscribed that it revolves around TV, but this does give me a glimpse of some incredibly grotesque stuff. 
Late the other night, we had the MTV Awards, introduced by a weird S&M skit performed by (presumably) well-known young people. Then a lot of A-listers, including Messrs Spacey and Farrell, who all appeared very grumpy and embarrassed, as well they might, having to deliver exceedingly  lame patter,dourly handed out  awards for things like 'Best Fight', as selected by MTV watchers. The awards, by the way, were boxes of 'gold' popcorn. I conked out after about half an hour. Exceeding strange.
Currently there's a travelogue series called Francesco's Italy, featuring a horrid little frog-faced aristo, who is evidently some sort of 'housewife's favourtite'. (Admittedly, he has a splendid head of silver hair-) He ponces around in all these gorgeous places, and it is worth watching, if , like me,you long to travel,  for fantasy fodder...Unfortunately, Francesco frequently pulls stunts like reciting Shakespeare under a balcony in Verona while Japanese tourists stand around gazing in bemusement at him. Excessively embarrassing, but Francesco is completely shameless. I guess the super-rich don't need it . His mother-in-law's best friend is Maggie Smith...

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