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A lot of LJ people seem to be having weird and vivid dreams at the moment. I've gone back into that dream drought, where I only see things like wooden planks in my sleep. At the moment, it's big, grey paving stones! Not good.
It's not all that  windy outdoors, but up here on the 15th floor, it's still whistling away in an uncanny fashion. This also is no good.It really agitates me.
Wotan now seems to be getting quite lame and weak in the back legs. This is out and out bad.
I made it to the gym, anyway, and it actually did give me a bit of psychic reief, to pedal away, and puff and blow on the weight machines. The place was nearly deserted again. Unfortunately the few people there were this gaggle of loud-grunting musclemen, effing and blinding and displaying their pits proudly. It's a fairly big place; why do they have to do their thing right in front of me? Yuck...
I see that SKY3, which is Freeview, is starting a re-run of BATTLESTAR GALLACTICA tonight, so that's cool. I had no interest in it, at first, but some of the later episodes I saw were quite OK, and I'd like to check it out properly.

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