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"I shake my little tush upon the catwalk"...

Ahhhhh, take it out of my head! It comes complete with bloodcurdling mental image of that sleazy bloke, (-something Fairbrass?) wearing a see-though black T-shirt, undulating and smirking....
Here's another prize quote from that Dylan Horrocks interview in the current COMICS JOURNAL...
There's a bit more eccentricity about the English ones ,(cartoonists-) though. About their comics and the people as well-they're quite odd. In a good way. They're very lovely people, but they're quite odd. There's a bit of an edge to some of them, to the oddness of some of them. The English ones have a tendency to be sort of reclusive-not necessarily reclusive, but boy, if you're a geek in England, man, it's a whole 'nother thing? right?
Well, I can't dispute it...I don't recall ever meeting Mr. Horrocks,but he's got me, for one, bang to rights. LOL...
I'm still fooling around with my "Little Black Book" for this year's CAPTION, although most likely it will be my third straight year of not going. (Jeezus...) What I've produced so far is drek, I don't draw well in teenyweeny spaces. I keep just doing lame sketches of 'housemates' especially the compulsive swamp donkey Jade. That face...BIG BROTHER has taken on quite a noir quality this,year,IMO. Everyone seems much glummer and more fucked up than the previous batches of eejits. Wonder if it's the weather?
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