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Spaced Out...

Extremely weird morning; overcast and windy. I'm glad it's not hot any more, but there's a very peculiar atmosphere...
I was wakened in the night by Wotan having a fit under the bed. It's becoming increasingly difficult to get him to take his meds, too. It  is so exhausting. He'd gone all week with only one seizure, but I had a feeling he wasn't 'right' yesterday.
After all that, it's difficult to get back to sleep, and now I feel crap.
The dogs have gone to Dorset for the summer, which is a shame...nice for the dogs, though.
Last night, in a sudden strange surge of  penitence, I told my mother (who probably didn't know what I was taking about-) that I was sorry I've been such a failure, and unable to provide for her.  It's true, though, I would have had her well 'looked after',if I had ever achieved any kind of 'grown up' income, although I wouldn't  have been able to make the supreme sacrifice, like my sister's doing, of living with, and tending her.
Tags: folk song: all around the loney-o

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