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For You Youngsters...

Got this notice from Sasa: Anyone fancy having a go?

Contest for the illustration of a calendar

Tasting the nectar of the gods

* Introduction: The town of Trivignano Udinese, Councillorship for Culture,
with the support of the Province of Udine and of the Region Friuli Venezia
Giulia, announces the second edition of a contest for the illustration of a
calendar, open to young artists of no more than 35 years of age. The contest
will be followed by an exhibition and the publication of the 12 selected

* Finalities: Object of the contest is the illustration of the pages of a
calendar. The contest intends to stimulate and help young artists that
distinguished themselves for their innovative research work and for the
experimentation in various languages and in various techniques of image

* Theme: Tasting the nectar of the gods.
Shapes and colors that re-create the sensations experienced while sipping a
glass of good wine. The memory of dainty dishes matched with the perfume and
taste of the most proper wine. The pleasures of food-and-wine
connoisseurship expertly transformed into images that transmit pleasant
emotions throughout the year.

* Participation: The participation to the contest is free of charge. Artists
of all nationalities born after December 31st 1971 and over 18 years of age
are eligible to participate. Participation to the contest contemplates the
acceptance of these regulations and the free surrender of the rights for
reproduction and publication of the works submitted.

* Prize: 12 images will be selected for the illustration of the calendar. In
addiction to the gratification of seeing their works published, the authors
of the 12 selected images will receive a certificate and copies of the
calendar, they will also receive free hospitality during the final party and
prize-giving ceremony. A popular jury will select the best among the 12
images, and the author will be awarded a prize of 1.200,00 Euro.

* Techniques: All the different techniques are accepted (graphic and/or
photographic illustration, painting, drawing, collage, computer graphics,
etc.) and each author may participate with a maximum number of 3 works.

* Size and medium: All the works should be cm 43 x 43 in size and should be
submitted in digital format on CD-rom, each file should be in the Tiff
format at 300 dpi, CMYK colour.
The original works should not be mailed but may be requested by the jury for
exhibition and/or reproduction purposes. For each work a reference print on
A4 size paper sheet should be included. Each work should be marked by a
title, without indication of the author¹s name.

* Copyright: The copyright of the works will remain property of the authors,
but the town of Trivignano retains the right to reproduce and publish free
of charge on every kind of support and media the 12 winning images, for
educative, didactic, promotional and advertising purposes.

* Exhibition: The 12 winning works will be exhibited in Clauiano from
Saturday September 23rd. Among the works submitted to the contest, a
substantial number of images will be also selected for projection during the

* Deadline: Before August 19th 2006 the works should arrive in a closed
envelope at the following address: Comune di Trivignano Udinese, Piazza
Municipio n. 5, 33050 Trivigliano Udinese, Italy. The envelope must contain
a CD-rom with all the works, a reference print of each work, the filled and
signed participation form and a short curriculum vitae.

* Jury: President: Ferruccio Giromini (art critic and magazine director);
Francesca Agostinelli (art critic and teacher); Walter Bortolossi (artist
and teacher); Piermario Ciani (artist and publisher); Alessio Curto
(vice-director of Juliet art magazine); Dorino Minigutti (film director);
Flavia Modotto (oenologist and sommelier); Secretary: Annamaria Zuccolo
(representative of the town of Trivignano).
The jury will meet on Saturday 26th August. The unappealable verdict of the
jury will select the 12 images to be reproduced in the 2007 calendar and
will choose the images that will be projected.

* Prize-giving ceremony: The prizes will be presented to the winners on
Sunday September 24th, on the occasion of the Autumn Equinox, at the
conclusion of a party that will involve the whole town of Clauiano.

For Information and Contest regulations:

Biblioteca comunale di Trivignano Udinese
fax 0432.999559

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