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Under A Cloud...

Wish I could actually take some interest in anything. I hate this whole weary, flat, stale and unprofitable business. Even my trash media addictions offer little respite. Wish these pills would kick in, apart from giving me mild side-effects.
The sibling doesn't think my mother will live out the year, although I'd still bet on her cabbaging on for another decade, just  for spite. Oddly, she's usually reasonably coherent, on the phone, though obviously mad  as ever... It seems she's completely out of it most of the time, can only focus on those thriller novels; can't even watch TV. Geez, it's grim.
I've been trying to draw, but not getting far. Even if it's only one crap panel a day, though, I just have to keep trying , or I'll completely lose whatever lame talent I have.
Must try to get to the Transfabulous art exhibit. I don't think I'll make any of the events, although some of them look really interesting, and a lot of LJ folk are involved.

Ah well, BIG BROTHER should be fun tonight; eviction of Grace to a furious fusillade of booing from the evil mob. Bet she blubs, haha...Actually, she deserves it. She's a disgrace to modern womanhood, with all her stereotyped schoolgirl  petty bullybitching. Nyahhh! Unfortunately, all  the women seem to be behaving  like that. Makes ya despair, really

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