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Went to the doctor; the doctor said Kid, it was something that you ate or drank, or something that you did...

I wailed and whiffled and told all about my extra-worse-than-usual agitated depression. ..I actually pleaded for "DRUGS!!!", and I usually can't be bothered, as they never work, but I'm desperate to try anything at all that might give me even a weenie bit of relief . 
She gave me summat called Cipralex, another SSRI. Now my head feels like a giant sponge...or maybe a marshmallow, but I ain't got no panic disorder just at the moment. so I guess that's good...
After two days without a fit, Wotan woke me up at about 5 this morning, crying piteously. He'd pissed and  crapped, and naturally I trod in it...
There was something bizarre on the World Service. It seems they were talking about the World Cup, interviewing  a local sportscaster in some tropical country about a player's poor performance. The guy said matter-of-factly that this bloke sometimes overdoes some coconut (or was it banana?) alcohol, and 'his leg  be a bit tired, then'.  The British guy laughed and didn't quite know what to say to that. I don't think I was dreaming.

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