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Weird Weather A'Comin'?...

Well, the paper says there will be hailstorms and all manner of strangeness soon.It's overcast and drizzly now. Bring it on. Anything to clear this wet blanket of icky, hairy air. Wheeeze...
Went out to the West End earlier. Bus disruptions, etc, but at least it wasn't quite as hot as yesterday.
I was compelled to check out the Comic Showcase defunctation clearance, and came away with a Kochalka paperback (PERFECT PLANET) and Carol Tyler's LATE BLOOMER (I'm a big fan...) both for £11.00, which I just could not afford, as usual, but couldn't resist, either. I really wanted an album of Steve Ditko  Space Stories, reduced from £23 to £10, but  just couldn't justify it. I have to try and be sort -of -sane... I saw the cafe that has bubble tea, which I still haven't tried, but it was £3.50, so no.
Paul Hudson says he'll probably never do a 'real' comic shop again, but may deal on line. There is also the possibility of his having to take a dayjob. May he be spared. He seemed extremely jovial, anyhow. I guess trying to keep the place afloat has been pretty strenous, especially in recent years.
There's very little left, now, but still a few odds & ends worth having, so if you're in the neighbourhood, drop in and have a look.
Once again I got several positive comments on my top, an acid-green faux tie-dyed hippydippy horrorshow, that I scored for like under a fiver on Ebay. I also continue to be complimented for the two eyeball-burning kaftans I got over 20 years ago from a grotty African shop, and have trotted out every summer since. I guess when it comes to dressing with frightening bad taste, I'm a bit of  a style icon. Well, Life has mashed me and bashed me, but I've still got  'mon panache'...

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