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Yesterday was the hottest june 12 evah, says the news. I don't feckin' doubt it.
Surprisingly, the Coliseum was packed for the NIXON IN CHINA dress, and I'm glad I braved it. I'd seen it before on TV and liked it, and I liked it this time.
It's a wonderfully bizarre piece, let down slightly by a rather draggy final act, but really very well worth seeing, if you have spending money, and can get in. The music is quite exciting in parts, very hypnotic, and the cast was fantastically excellent, especially considering  the 'orrible weather for singing. 
Must remark, also, that since the restoration, the auditorium atmosphere is vastly improved. In the old days, the place grew increasingly sauna-like throughout summer shows, and people regularly passed out. The steam was visible, sometimes, honestly. Last night it remained almost comfortable, all things considered, throughout the show.
We scored comfy seats in a box during the first interval, and you could see the hotshot director Peter Sellars being manic and stuff, with the worst hair in the world (Yes, quite possibly including mine-), in the stalls below. What is it, with that  'do'? He seems to have always had it. Could it be his mojo, or something?

I went with helenraven , who passed on a bit of shock-horror news. Evidently the Comic Showcase on Charing Cross Road is closing down next week. The ever-escalating rents in the area finally did for them. Damn. Now, I probably haven't been in there in close to a year, simply because I don't have money to spend, but it was nice knowing it was there.

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