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Torturing Temperatures...

The worst yet, and  I'm going to a dress rehearsal at ENO. Can only hope that it will be fairly empty, thus slightly cooler inside. Oy!
Touch wood, Wotan has been OK so far today, and R Next Door is going to drop in and  watch the football  with him. My screen's bigger than hers, so that's some tiny payback for her.
It really helps, to think he's being kept under surveilance. Remind me  of this next time I bitch about having to schlep her groceries. Of course, I will bitch anyway, but you know...
Had another strange exchange with Mad Mother last night. She used to rave on for up to an hour, but nowadays she seems to tire after fifteen minutes or so. She sounded more befuddled this time, and was dropping a lot of her -often very appropos- verbal slips. 'I'm sitting here like Lady Macbeth', she burbled contentedly, (meaning 'Lady Muck' ) as she described how my poor sister and her husband are devoting themselves to waiting on her, and seeing that she doesn't break some more bones by wandering off dementedly. In a strange way, she seems quite happy to be as supervised and  closely tended as possible. It was always her greatest desire in life to be 'taken care of'.

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