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Death to AA Gill...

How is it that this wanker gets to write most of the Sunday Times? He's so lame,tedious, and, of course, he gives me the hump with his frequent pig-ignorant japes about fat people. Last week he devoted most of his restaurant column to one of these rants, adding that the obese should be forced to go to this restaurant he hated, 'cos then even they(we) wouldn't be able to 'overeat.'
I had a letter printed a year or so ago, last time I kvetched about his stupidity and vileness, and I sent off another on Sunday. Hope they use it, as I like seeing my name in the Times, (saaad-)and the bloke really needs abusing.
Have discovered an excellent magazine for women writers (with plenty of resources useful to scribes of all sexual persuasions-) It's called Mslexia, and has been around for a few years, but I'd never seen it until a fellow City Litter turned me on to it.
They've got a sale on back issues- 5 for a tenner. If you order some/subscribe, tell 'em Lee Kennedy sent you. (Maybe they'll give me a free back issue or summat...)

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