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Steaming Hot Already...

Sitting in waiting for the vet to ring me back. Wotan seems OK this morning, but  he really shouldn't be having 2 fits a day after a month on that medicine. Every time it happens, of course, I think he's going to die...
Having to fill in the latest fecking incapacity form is making my bowels churn as well. I  know it's unlikely they'll give me any trouble, but the thought of going for another one of those 'interview's with strange doctors, etc. is just the limit.
I really can't stand my life at the moment. I wouldn't mind being bloody sectioned, just for a 'break', except that I can't leave the cat

BB  Glyn, 18 years old, has been enthusing about all the 'life skills' he's acquired in The House. He can boil and egg and make a sandwich (!) now, and for the first time, he's  washed his own clothes...

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