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Here Comes Summer...

Just when Wotan seems to be really settling down, he throws another fit...Sigh... It wasn't a really bad one, though. 'Just' his bottom half flailing about, and peeing,  while he looks rather confused and indignant, but conscious. He doesn't seem to need much recovery time, just dashes for food, once he's 'normal'.  The vet says the goal is to get him down to one fit a month. Oh well, at least they're talking about a future for him, so musn't grumble.
Thirty-five quid for meds again. I don't know what to do...I suppose I could sit on the pavement with a placard; 'Help keep my geriatric cat alive.'
Had all my hair chopped off; looks grotesque, feels soooo good.
Smiling TV people keep saying it's going to be really, really  hot for the weekend. I'm not bloody smiling.
They're digging up Wandsworth Road right ouside. It's dusty and horrible and they're taking forever.
The weird phrase rolling around my head today is 'Dirk Bogarde's torture chamber'...didn't know he had one.

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